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Click the button below to visit the Claim Form. Complete the form and click a button to submit it to us.

Download PDF

1 Step 1: Download PDF form

You can now file a claim online. First, click download on the following documents:

2 Step 2: Fill in details & Save PDF

The documents you download is a editable PDF, please fill your details directly to the form and Save! Therefore, you can easily email them back to us.

3 Step 3: Submit Online

Before submitting, please prepare all evident files and saved PDF forms. Then, please send all documents to the following email address: to complete your online claim.

Travel Insurance Claim Guideline

1 Notify Claims Department immediately
  • AXA Hotline service at Tel. 0-2118-8111 (24 Hrs.).

2 Fill e-Claims Notification.
  • Download Claim form (Link Below)

3 Submit the documents as per instruction in e-Claims Notification
  • If you have any comments on our service, please call our Claims Service Team at tel. +66-2118-8111 (8.30-17.00)