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In the event of a visa denial will the insurance fee be refunded?

The company is happy to return a 100% insurance premium.

Luggage and/ or personal belongings inside the luggage have been lost. What to do?

Notify immediately or within 24 hours after the incident. In the notification specify the event in detail and then send to the AXA with travel documents in order for the claimants to consider whether the nature of the event meets the coverage conditions or not.

How to file a claim?

You can contact AXA Thailand by the following methods. Enter the e-claim notification on the website. Contact via email Phone number 02-118-8162-3, 02-118-8111 Notify through the agent that you bought the insurance policy on Bangkok Airways

Can I receive medical treatment while in a foreign country?

Yes treatment is allowed at all hospitals. The insured must reserve and bring the original receipt and a medical certificate stating the symptoms or disease and treatment methods

In the event that the airline cancelled a return flight to Thailand is it possible to claim compensation under the travel cancellation conditions?

The travel cancellation coverage category must occur only before the date of departure from Thailand. In the event that the airline cancelled a return flight, Thailand will be covered under travel delay.

Trip cancellation In what cases will it be covered?

Travel cancellation will cover the event that the insured cancel the trip before the date of departure from Thailand for the following reasons
1.Insured, spouse, children, parents, close relatives, death, serious accident or severe illness that threatens death.
2.The insured must be a witness at the court for the duration of the travel insurance policy. That the insured did not know in advance.